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How to Craft Agency Stories That Sell Your Digital Marketing Services

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As a full service freelance writer and content marketer, I am often approached by digital marketing agencies who are either overwhelmed with their content to do list, or looking to add expert writers to their team. 

Whether you hire me to write your agency blog, or as the writer on client projects, my goal is to create engaging, highly-informative, and memorable content that establishes your brand as an industry leader, and makes your services more visible to your target audience.

Digital Marketing Agency Case Study: VisualFizz

In the years since I started writing, I have had the privilege of working with VisualFizz, a full service digital marketing agency in Chicago with a gift for evoking emotions and meaningful interactions between the consumer and the brand. 

Of the many client blogs I have worked on, and the digital marketing campaigns that I have been a part of, none have shaped my voice more as writer than the VisualFizz blog, and the Brand Fails Campaign. 

Brand Management Content: Brand Failures and What You Can Learn From Them 

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The Brand Failures campaign with VisualFizz started out as a humorous guest post highlighting the year’s most cringe worthy advertisements, commercials and branding blunders. Though comical in nature, the Brand Failures campaign never loses sight of the ultimate goal of the agency, which is to:

  • Highlight a challenging issue, in this case how easy it is for a business to make a branding mistake;
  • Appeal to a prospective client’s need for branding that is authentic, genuine, and sensitive to the cultural intricacies of their target audience, and;
  • Show how the branding experts at VisualFizz can give their brand a voice and avoid embarrassing brand fails like the ones highlighted in the campaign. 

I am delighted to say, that the Brand Fails campaign was a resounding success. It’s also ongoing, and I am always looking for new examples. If you witnessed a brand fail, or watched a commercial so bad it’s good, let me know here. If your brand fail example is really good, I might just feature it in next years edition.

Blogging and Content Marketing Services

In addition to the ongoing Brand Failures campaign, I am also a regular contributor to the VisualFizz blog, where the goal is to build the brands authority with compelling, informative content on SEO, Branding, and all things Digital Marketing. As with the Brand Fails campaign, the humorous voice and tone, and authoritative nature of my VisualFizz blog contributions is the driving factor in their success.

Whether it's a blog post about SEO Tips for Content Writers, or Hotel Branding Strategies, every blog post I create for the VisualFizz blog is grounded in SEO best practice, content marketing expertise and a thorough understanding of the VF brand, the clients they manage, and their target audience.


Yet, the true benefit of our relationship is not just in the content I create for VisualFizz, but in the expertise I offer their clients, and the time and money the agency saves by working with me.

Why You Should Outsource Content Writing to Jacob B. Doyle

Now we've come to the part of the digital marketing case study where most content writers would try to sell you on the benefits of content marketing, but I'm not like most writers. Though I pride myself on my writing skill, being a good writer doesn't get you as far as it used to. To succeed in digital marketing, you have to offer more than landing pages and catchy phrases.


To deliver excellent content marketing, you have to know your audience better than they know themselves. You have to ground everything you do in SEO best practice; understand the importance of brand image, and how know how to appeal to specific demographics. Most importantly, you have to offer your clients something they can't find elsewhere.

I am not the only content writer in Chicago, nor am I the cheapest. I am, however, one of the few writers in Chicago who VisualFizz - a digital marketing and branding agency - trusts with their blog, their voice and their brand. Though I don't expect a single agency client to convince you of the benefits of hiring me, I do know the power of a good review.

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Whether you’re a start-up building your brand, or a mid-size agency looking to outsource your content to-do list, I have the content writing skills, agency experience and, most importantly, the bandwidth to expand and improve your content marketing services with your clients. Contact me today to get started.