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How to Market Your Pet Business Online: Content Marketing for Pet Brands

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Though content marketing is beneficial to every business, few industries benefit as much from content marketing as those in the pet industry. Simply put, pet owners are obsessed with their pets, and consume pet-focused content on an endless loop. 

All you need to capitalize on that obsession is the right content marketing strategy, and the writer to implement it.

How to Attract Pet Owners to Your Pet Business with Content Marketing

Whether it’s content about the cutest puppy names, or guide to dog adoption in Illinois, pet owners have questions on how to care for their pet's wellbeing, and, most importantly, where to spend their money. 

The trick to getting pet owners to spend their money on your website is to provide them with content that not only answers their questions, but encourages them to Share, Buy Now, and Click Here For More. 

As a freelance pet content writer, I work with multiple pet industry clients, and on many pet-focused marketing campaigns. In every case, a strong content marketing strategy was the key to unlocking the brands true potential, and ultimate success. 

Pet Marketing Case Study: Puppy Adoption Service

Five Golden Retriever Puppies

As a life-long pet owner and animal lover, I was overjoyed to work with Pet Client A, an ethical puppy adoption service committed to helping responsible dog breeders place their puppies with caring individuals, and families across the country.

Pet Client A’s goal was to increase organic traffic to their website via a content marketing campaign, primarily focused around the creation of an extensive library of long-form content and dog breed overviews. 

American Staffordshire Terrier Breed Overview Landing Page

In the spirit of the American Kennel Club’s Puppy Finder, and Animal Planet’s Dog Breed Selector, the breed overview project was designed to help prospective dog owners choose which dog breed is best for them.

With more than 170 breeds (and crossbreeds), and more than 4000 words each, the breed overview project enabled Pet Client A with a massive content library that increased impressions by more than 77% year over year.

Content Marketing Analytics

In addition to the breed overview project, my partnership with Pet Client A also included a geo-targeted content strategy to improve their local ranking, as well as blogging, copywriting and Youtube script writing services to funnel prospective dog owners through the breed selection, and dog buying process.

Digital Marketing Case Study: What Did We Learn?

As the below data shows, the content marketing for Pet Client A was a tremendous success, that pushed traffic to over 100% in just 2 short years. But what does this case study really show us?

content marketing analytics screenshot

It shows that there are millions of pet-obsessed consumers who devour pet content at a remarkable rate. We also learn that pet owners not only crave pet-related entertainment, they also need accurate information to help them make decisions that impact their pet’s well-being. 

With more than $100 billion dollars spent on pet care products and services in 2020, there’s also a bunch of money to be made. To seize that revenue for you business, you need to communicate your value and expertise in a way that stands out from the competition. 

Pet Industry Expenditure in the United States from 1994 t0 2020

That last part is important, because the pet industry is remarkably crowded and steadily growing year over year. That last part is important, because the pet industry is remarkably crowded and steadily growing year over year. 

Content marketing is how you stand out from the pack, and encourage readers to buy from you, instead of your competition. Though pet content is everywhere on the internet, it takes more than a few pictures on Cat Twitter to drive traffic, and increase conversions. 

Tweet from Cat Twitter

Why You Should Outsource Pet Content Marketing

As our case study shows, a content marketing strategy makes it possible for a pet brand to drastically improve traffic, impressions and conversions to their website, but only if it’s done correctly. 

Therein lies the problem. How to create content for your brand that is not only authoritative and trustworthy, but also compelling, and a joy to read? You can save a little money by creating the content in-house, but that comes with its own set of unique challenges, like where you’re going to find writers with the specific expertise you need.

Improve Expertise, Authority and Trust in Your Pet Brand

Before you jump headlong into writing pet content, remember that anyone can throw words at a page and publish what sticks. The key to content marketing success is expertise, authority and trustworthiness, abbreviated E-A-T. 

Google E.A.T. logo

You can read all about Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, but, in a nut shell, E-A-T is Google’s way of telling brands that they should value quality of information, over quantity of content. In other words, Google aims to give its users the best experience possible by promoting content that shows the content creator’s:

  • Expertise, skill and/or knowledge in a particular field;  
  • Authority and/or right to create content on a given subject, and;
  • Ability to be relied upon as honest and truthful source of reliable information.

Though you’re likely the expert in your industry, you can’t know everything about every facet of a specific subject. Let’s say, for example, that you produce and sell dog treats and you want to write an in-depth article about the dangers of feeding your dog low-quality dog food.

You could hire a qualified writer with veterinary experience or a canine nutritionalist to write that article and imbue it with greater authority, than if you had written it yourself. The same goes for any industry or profession. 

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest" quote

When you outsource content marketing for your pet brand, you tap into the specific expertise of the writer, who can then imbue your content with the characteristics that are most likely to drive your brand to the top of the SERP. 

Post Pet Content More Frequently

Though what you say on your blog is incredibly important, how often you say it makes all the difference. Frequency is key to building authority, growing your audience and keeping your followers engaged with your brand.

Unless you have the time to write, post and promote several long-form (2000 word+) blog posts per week, you don’t have the time to do it right. 

Introduce Your Pet Brand to a Wider Audience

As a pet content marketer, my job is to not only produce content that appeals to your target audience, but identify new audiences for you to target. Many industry spheres intersect, which makes it easy for content marketers like me to expand into new demographics, and engage with an audience that you may not have considered. 

There are endless ways to make content more appealing to a wider audience. All you have to do is hire a writer who knows how to speak to the people that you want to reach.

Professional Pet Content Marketing and Content Writing Services for Pet Brands

Effective pet content marketing comes from research and practice. It’s not enough to be accurate, you also need to be entertaining, and write in a way that compels pet owners to buy, share and engage.  

If you want your pet brand to rank higher in the SERP, then you need to produce compelling long-form content on a regular basis and promote on every platform you can. I can help you do that. Contact me to get started on your pet content marketing strategy today.

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